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A business (also known as enterprise or firm) is an organization designed to provide goods, services, or both to consumers. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, in which most of them are privately owned and formed to earn profit to increase the wealth of their owners. Businesses may also form not-for-profit or be state-owned. A business owned by more than one individual may be referred to as a company, although that term also has a more precise meaning.

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Entertainment is an event, performance, or activity designed to give pleasure or relaxation to an audience (although, for example, in the case of a computer game the "audience" may be only one person). The audience may participate in the entertainment passively as in watching opera, or actively as in computer games.

The playing of sports and reading of literature are usually included in entertainment, but these are often called recreation more specifically, because they involve some active participation beyond mere leisure.

The industry that provides entertainment is called the entertainment industry.

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Free Fashion Advice
With mywardrobe.org you can mix and match your clothes and preview your looks without having to pull everything out of your closet.Get your own virtual dressing room, online closet space and personal style advisor, besides participating in a virtual fashion show, only at mywardrobe.org.

Submitted: 14-Dec-2010

Portable Bund , Containment Boom , Vehicle Wash Mat
Welcome to Chatoyer Environmental Protecting the environment starts with us. Our product range includes Spill Clean Up, Spill Control, Spill Containment, Spill Absorbents, Spill Kit Servicing.

Submitted: 21-Jun-2011

No 33. kildevand

Kildevand fra Aqua D´or til virksomheder
www.KildevandDK.dk leverer kildevand til virksomheder og offentlige institutioner i Storkøbenhavn.
Vi leverer kildevand i hele Danmark

Vi arbejder tæt sammen med Aqua D´or og tilbyder hele Aqua D´or sortiment af kildevand, Ice Tea, kildevand med smag og kildevand med brus.
Skal det være billig kildevand tilbyder vi Denice kildevand.

Vores samarbejde gør, at vi idag kan levere hurtigt, effektivt og billig kildevand i hele Danmark.
Vi leverer fra eget lager og bringer kildevand ud i København i vores egne biler. Til alle vores kunder i Jylland og på Fyn leverer vi kildevand med udvalgte fragtmænd, som har indarbejdet miljøpolitik.

Aqua D´or leverer det bedste kildevand på den mest miljørigtige måde.Det skal vi også.
Ring til KildevandDK.dk på 21 85 26 65.

Submitted: 20-May-2011

marketingonline free ad e-marketing
Internet Advertisements - Internet Advertising, Advertising On Internet - Internet Advertising Rates, Internet Video Advertising - Internet Advertising Services, Internet Advertising Firm India

Submitted: 23-Dec-2010

Listen to Music Online
Welcome to the first website designed with seniors to provide easy access for seniors, their families, and service providers to important information. This website is part of a national project.

Submitted: 25-Apr-2011

Canadian corn
Welcome to the first website designed with seniors to provide easy access for seniors, their families, and service providers to important information. This website is part of a national project.

Submitted: 18-May-2011

Free Stuff and Other Freebies Daily!
Free Samples, Free Stuff and Other Freebies Daily! ILFT.com. Daily free samples of products and other freebies from top brands. Our readers already received tons of free stuff! JOIN

Submitted: 21-Sep-2011

promotional balloons
Aerial marketing is effective marketing tactics and it delivers more attraction towards the audience. People are choosing advertising balloons for promotions.

Submitted: 21-Dec-2010

SBO Online Blog
The American Bar Association has stated that 52% of the Americans are involved in some legal suit or the other. As you know, legal expenses can practically bleed you white, whether you win the case or not! SBO-Online knows the precarious situation that you find yourself in when you are fighting a legal suit. SBO-Online is committed to providing every conceivable support to your legal battle.

Submitted: 26-May-2011

Amusitronix The VR Guys - Corporate Entertainment
Our experiences have been used for corporate event entertainment, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, promotional tours, mobile marketing, trade show entertainment, team building events, college entertainment and many more types of events

Submitted: 11-Jul-2011

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Corporate Entertainment
Shows in a Box presents corporate entertainment and special event entertainment production, creation, and support. Shows for every event and any venue magic, variety, musicals, and many more. More Information
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Cool Online Shop
Collections of cool gifts and souvenir More Information
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Wall Plaques
Plaques2Go is a trusted provider of quality recognition plaques. We offer more than 10 categories of engraved plaques including; wooden plaques, award plaques and perpetual plaques, each with many different styles and designs More Information
Ranked with 93 Credits

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