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A business (also known as enterprise or firm) is an organization designed to provide goods, services, or both to consumers. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, in which most of them are privately owned and formed to earn profit to increase the wealth of their owners. Businesses may also form not-for-profit or be state-owned. A business owned by more than one individual may be referred to as a company, although that term also has a more precise meaning.

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In economics final goods are goods that are ultimately consumed rather than used in the production of another good. For example, a car sold to a consumer is a final good; the components such as tires sold to the car manufacturer are not; they are intermediate goods used to make the final good.

When used in measures of national income and output the term final goods only includes new goods. For instance, the GDP excludes items counted in an earlier year to prevent double counting of production based on resales of the same item second and third hand.

Consumer goods are final goods specifically intended for the mass market. For instance, consumer goods do not include investment assets, like precious antiques, even though these items are final goods.

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Home Cladding
Mitten Vinyl Australia offer a range of vinyl cladding products. Our Building Cladding and Cladding Systems are the most economic and attractive solution for your home.

Submitted: 11-Jan-2011

No 82. RDC Carpet

RDC Carpet
As carpet cleaning Bridgewater, NJ providers, we are your trusted carpet cleaning in Bridgewater Company offering 24 hour emergency services. Whether you need carpet cleaning or water damage repair, we can get it done!"             

Submitted: 10-Mar-2011

British Bulldog Puppies for sale
British Bulldog Puppies for sale from davbarrbulldogs.co.uk, we’re a UK supplier of British bulldogs and pugs, with extremely competitive prices on all of our British Bulldog Puppies for sale.

Submitted: 2-May-2011

Odor Control Eliminator
A specially formulated sports detergent for clothes, No Sweat super originating formula will bring clothes smelling and feeling soft and clean, it eliminates odors (odors) associated with sweat gym clothes.

Submitted: 3-Nov-2010

Activated Carbon Filter
Carbon Filter Direct supplies carbon filters, activated carbon air filter, activated carbon filters, fume hood filters, replacement carbon filters for ductless fume hoods and ductless fume cabinet filters, storage cupboards and clean air enclosures.

Submitted: 28-Jun-2011

At Custom Cleaners we are committed to developing strong lasting relationships with all of our valued customers. We take full ownership of our services to you and these are the qualities you will enjoy from our well managed cleaning business.

Submitted: 25-Jul-2011

Boiler installer Orpington
Boiler Installation, Servicing and Repairs, General Plumbing in the Keston and Kent area. We are a local team of plumbing and heating engineers based in Bromley, providing a local service through South East London, Bromley and the surrounding areas.

Submitted: 3-Sep-2011

Ipad For Business
Albion Computers are leading providers of Apple products and solutions, with over 20 years experience in the industry. We supply and support Macs and iPads in schools and businesses.

Submitted: 4-Feb-2011

No 89. 3d glasses

3d glasses
3d glasses from uk3dglasses.co.uk. For branded plain and polarized 3d glasses at great quality and low prices; go to our website and check out the styles of 3d glasses available.

Submitted: 11-Jun-2011

Clean Pool Tiles
Clean Pool Tiles safe with us. Our professional cleaners provide unmatched pool restoration service. QUALITY and CARE is what you get with Surface Renewal Pool Tile Cleaning.

Submitted: 16-Aug-2011

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At CurbStyle we specialize in decorative landscape edging, custom concrete overlays, concrete resurfacing and concrete colouring. Our curbing is perfect for landscaping borders, driveway edging, tree rings, commercial parking lots, and flower bed edging. Our concrete overlays can be utilized for both interior and exterior applications and are ideal for basements, pool decks, walkways, patios, garages and commercial or industrial establishments. Curbstyle also provides a concrete / interlock sealing service to protect and enhance the look of all your concrete surfaces. visit us today at www.CurbStyle.ca CurbStyle offers a variety of different concrete colors, styles and stamping patterns to match the decor of any style hardscape or compliment any landscape setting . More Information
Ranked with 8,026 Credits

Monogrammed items
Monogrammed towels plus is a website specializing in luxury towels and robes as well as monogrammed personal gift items. Directory of top quality towels and linens made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Monogrammed speciality items for gifts for that special person. More Information
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Wireless Home Security: Home
Provides information and products pertaining to wireless home security systems. More Information
Ranked with 3,524 Credits

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