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Recreation or fun is the expenditure of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of one's body or mind. While leisure is more likely a form of entertainment or sleep, recreation is active for the participant but in a refreshing and diverting manner.

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A pet is a household animal kept for companionship and a person's enjoyment, as opposed to wild animals or to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals or sport animals, which are kept for economic or productive reasons. The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or for their song. Pets also generally seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits; keeping pets has been shown to help relieve stress to those who like having animals around. There is now a medically-approved class of "therapy animals," mostly dogs, that are brought to visit confined humans. Walking a dog can provide both the owner and the dog with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction. The most popular pets are dogs and cats, but there are also rodent pets, such as gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, fancy rats, and guinea pigs, and avian pets, such as canaries, parakeets, or parrots.

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Wire Dog Crates, Side Door Dog Crates & Kennels For Our PawFriends
Wire Dog Crates,cage & Kennels for Homes. Folding, side Door. Find out why wire dog crates are good investment for your pet. We provide variety of selections of wire dog crates, side door crates, or other dog crates that suites your dog's needs, we also carry a variety wire dog crates covers, folding dog crates for easy storage, soft dog crates and variety crate materials such as plastic, wood, & wire crates.

Submitted: 7-Jan-2011

Pet Gates, FAST SHIPPING Wide Dog Gates, Tall Dog Gates, Free Standing Pet Gate
Pet Gates ON SALE NOW. We have the LOWEST PRICING ON Dog Gates. Wide selection of Pet Gates. You can find a dog gate for any need you may have.

Submitted: 14-Apr-2011

No 13. Drontal

VioVet supplies drontal dog wormer that contains two active ingredients that treat your dog’s roundworms and tapeworms.

Submitted: 11-Feb-2011

What Do Fish Eat
One of the most basic questions aquarium owners must know the answer to is "what do fish eat?" If you don't know what to feed your fish you are going to be in trouble from the beginning.

Submitted: 22-Feb-2011

No 15. Toys4Paws

best dog toys, indestructible dog toys, kong dog toys, best pet products, dog toys on sale, pet photo contest, cat toys, pet health products, dog health, cat health,

Submitted: 16-Nov-2011

Adoption Pet
Adoption pet - Petadoptiononline.com is one of the leading adoption center offering hundreds of pets that are waiting for their chance to have a place that they can call home. Explore our website for more information.

Submitted: 17-Nov-2011

social networking
A social networking community for pets and pet owners! Create a Free Profile of you & your Pet! Find Answers, Services, & Friends relavent to your pets lifestyle.

Submitted: 17-Nov-2011

Bearded dragons
Bearded dragon care sheet and information on pet lizard bearded dragons cage habitat, tank setup, food feeding, health, breeding, bearded dragon pet care tips.

Submitted: 22-Nov-2011

Dog Pregnancy - Dog in Heat
An informative site about dog pregnancy. Includes information on spaying, whelping, and the full process of dog pregnancy.

Submitted: 29-Nov-2011

Dog Vomiting Help
An informative site regarding dog vomiting. Includes symptoms to look for, treatment options and more.

Submitted: 29-Nov-2011

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dog training adelaide and obedience training adelaide
Dog Training Adelaide and obedience for all types of dogs in adelaide.From adults to puppys from basic training to advanced obedience More Information
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Pet Supplies - Online Pet Supply - Pet Products
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Designs of dog coats
Dog Coats R Us, we sell a wide range of dog beds. Our range includes Fleece, Tweed, Waterproof and Sparkly. We also offer an embroidery service. More Information
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