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A society is a body of individuals of a species, generally seen as a community or group, that is outlined by the bounds of functional interdependence, comprising also possible characters or conditions such as cultural identity, social solidarity, or eusociality.

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People is a plurality of human beings or other beings possessing enough qualities constituting personhood. It has two usages:

- as the plural of person (in addition to the rarer plural, "persons") or a group of people (grammatically, a suppletive plural and collective noun; e.g. "some people are..."), or otherwise for groups with particular unifying traits, qualities, properties, or characteristics (e.g. the people of Spain, or the people of the Plains).
- as a singular for an indefinite ethnic group or nation (e.g. "a people is...")

Because the word people often refers to abstract and general types of groups, the word persons is sometimes used in place of people, especially when it would be ambiguous with its collective sense (e.g. missing persons instead of people). It can collectively refer to all humans or it can be used to identify a certain ethnic or religious group.

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Angeline Bakkila
Angeline Bakkila is full of life. She has a great passion for dancing, gardening, reading, and fashion designing. She is also a proficient Mary Kay beauty consultant. Angeline loves to explore nature through strolling and globetrotting.

Submitted: 5-Apr-2011

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Submitted: 14-Apr-2011

Meet People
MeetingWave is a platform where you can arrange meeting with people of your choice to meet them offline nearby you can invite people using MeetingWave for business meetings networking meeting or general get-together.

Submitted: 25-Mar-2011

No 24. Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby
Silver Sugar Daddie is the dating website for sugar daddies and sugar babies You can find here a sugar daddy or dream sugar babies. Its FREE to join and it is a best sugar babies site in the world.

Submitted: 17-May-2011

Meaningfuljourney - Global services program that offers international volunteering and internship opportunities to volunteers from around the world
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Submitted: 17-Mar-2011

I really hate you so much
Everything you wanted to say but hesitated to. Implicitlife.com, your own micro-blog for ranting, venting and raving. Get if off your chest with no bloodshed. Vent,Rant, Judge.

Submitted: 31-Mar-2011

celebrity wallpapers
Get a huge collection of celebrity wallpapers of all hot celebrities.

Submitted: 25-Apr-2011

Seattle Singles & Seattle Dating
We're in the business of helping singles fall in love. We are a full service one on one introduction agency.
Getting into a healthy, compatible and successful relationship takes wisdom, insight and a true knack for determining compatibility between two people.

Submitted: 8-Apr-2011

Information about 401k divorce
QDRONOW is a firm Specializing in the preparation of retirement/pension divisons through a divorce.It is a experienced in preparing Qualified Domestic relations order's(QDRO) forms and solutions. To get Information on qdro services and attorney visit qdronow.com/

Submitted: 23-May-2011

Sms marketing
We are a group of people dedicated to providing you with an effective way of communicating with your business audience using mobile platforms.

Submitted: 10-Sep-2011

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