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Lecturerlive is an online teacher that gives lectures on all subjects free of cost. We organize world’s educational Notes, Presentations and videos and make them universally accessible and down-loadable without charging single penny from our users. We intend to change the way we learn, to revolutionize the education system and rise the quality of education.

Our organization is working hard to enhance the ease of learning by using innovative ways of technology. We are building a user-friendly educational ecosystem that will give our users around the world the ability to easily find, interact with, and learn from full notes, presentations and video courses and lectures from the world’s leading scholars/institutions. Our goal is to bring the best content together in one place and create an environment in which that content is remarkably easy to use and encourage users to contribute in this noble cause as we can make existing content increasingly valuable.

Submitted: 6-May-2011

Keywords: Lecturer Live, FRM

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