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Academy for Coaching Parents International (ACPI)


ACPI has been waiting for you…to give you a unique WIN-WIN PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITY to guide parents to excellence and create a lucrative revenue stream as a Certified Parenting Coach.

The Professional Parenting Coaching is an exclusive certification program committed to training talented professionals who want to earn a living by making a difference in the lives of others.

The Academy for Coaching Parents Can Offer You Training and Certification In Two Ways
1. This next Immersion Program, which starts in September and completes in mid-December, is a 3-month training through interactive webinars and personal coaching support with ACPI founder Caron Goode.

Download the Flyer Download the Immersion Application-Tuition Packet.

2. A Self-Paced Online Program for international students and those who prefer to learn at their own pace through ACPI’s premier global online school.

Submitted: 7-May-2011

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